Update at a Glance (updated 10/26/14)

Did you know that Detering Orchards is open in
That’s right! Detering’s will be open for normal operations until New Years! We know that with the holidays upon us, it’s important to make every food-dollar stretch and we plan to be there to help!

Cornucopia Daze!

It’s time for our final event of 2014 – Cornucopia Daze! This is a new event this year and it will be held on Saturday November 8th and Sunday November 9th. The harvest is in, the weather is turning and it’s time to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor! Come join us for some of the best produce in Willamette Valley.

"It's not what we SAY about our blessings, but how we USE them, is the true mean…

"It's not what we SAY about our blessings, but how we USE them, is the true meaning of our Thanksgiving." Here at Detering Orchards we are beyond blessed to be able to provide fresh goods for you guys, our wonderful customers. Today we had a very special opportunity to use that blessing. An elderly gentleman visited us at the farm today to purchase some apples to try and make himself a pie for his first Thanksgiving without his wife of many years. As he had just finished checking out, he realized he forgot to sample our fresh apple cider. After sampling it, he was eager to purchase a half gallon to enjoy with his Thanksgiving meal. So, he went on to grab his half gallon of cider and bring it the check stand and handed the checker his card to run again. Unfortunately, the card was declined the second time. Very disappointed, he went to put the cider back and began to apologize for his card declining. Of course we were not going to let him leave without his half gallon of apple cider. We told him that due to the holidays, the cider was on us and that we couldn't allow to him to have his Thanksgiving without fresh apple cider. He immediately began grinning ear to ear while insisting that we didn't need to do that. We assured him that it would truly be our pleasure to give him a half gallon of apple cider. He then repeatedly told us that we truly made his holiday season. The story gets even better. After the gentleman made it out to his car with his apples and cider, the lady who was behind him in line asked if she could pay for his cider. The gentleman was long gone at this point. We made clear that that would not be necessary. She insisted to pay for it and after a few "back and fourth's" we let her pay as it truly was something she wanted to do. We are all feeling awfully warm and fuzzy out here! We are so blessed to be able to share the true meaning of Thanksgiving with our customers and hopefully spread our "warm and fuzzy" feeling to all of you! :) Wishing many, many blessings to everyone on this special holiday!

Thanksgiving is only a short week away! It's time to stock up on your "Thanksgiv…

Thanksgiving is only a short week away! It's time to stock up on your "Thanksgiving table" goodies! Come out to Detering Orchards for your "One-stop shop" for all your Thanksgiving needs! Be sure to pick up our new product, hard apple cider, made with our apples and cherries, which is sure to be a big hit! Also get your yams, sweet potatoes, Bandon cranberries, russet, yukon gold, and red potatoes, our fresh apple cider, filberts, walnuts, and lots more! And if you want your home to look festive for all of your guests, pick up one of our beautiful wreathes to welcome your guests into your home!

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