Other Products

Besides some of the best tasting produce in all of Oregon, Detering Orchards also offers a variety of snacks, drinks and non-produce items for sale. Although this list changes due to seasonal availability, here's a few of the items you may find for sale at Detering's:

Detering Orchards' apple cider, dried cherries, honey jars (Blackberry, Meadowfoam, Clover, Sage; seasonal availability), honey sticks, Detering's Syrups, fruit pies (Peach, Blueberry, Apple, Marionberry, Pumpkin; seasonal availability), free range eggs, sodas, salsa, Detering's Jams and Jellies, kettle corn, popping corn, homemade caramel, chocolate covered cherries, zucchini bread, vegetable dips, salad dressings, canned fruits & vegetables, Camas Country Mill brand dry baking products, as well as a variety of snacks in our Cider Barn.

Serving the Willamette Valley since 1934