Turban Squash

Availability: September 15
Flavor: slightly like hazelnut but lacks vigor
Flesh: noted for it's unusual shape and multi colored skin
Storage: up to 3 months in dry area at 50° and 55° Fahrenheit
Misc: quite colorful, short and squat with a distinctive turban-like protuberance at the top, popular as decorative squash but can also be baked, steamed, or simmered in soup
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Turban squash, also known as "Turk's turban" or "French turban" ("Giraumon" in French), is a type of squash most often used as a winter squash. It is an heirloom, predating 1820. A cultivar of Cucurbita maxima, it is closely related to the buttercup squash. It is typically 6 pounds when mature. Colors vary, but are often mottled in shades of orange, green, and white. The squash is used as both a vegetable and as an ornamental gourd. Taste is similar to other C. maxima cultivars, though "not as vibrant," "reminiscent to hazelnut," and "coarse, watery and insipid." It has been described as "the most beautiful in color, and the most worthless in quality, of all the varieties of squash."

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