Gourds & Melons

At Deterings we know that just about everyone loves vegetables that are members of the gourd family – even if they don’t realize it. After all, who doesn’t enjoy cucumber in a salad, a piece of pumpkin pie, or a slice of watermelon?

The largest group of the gourd family found at Detering Orchards is the squash. Squash is divided into two groups, summer squash and winter squash. A general guideline is that summer squash has skin that’s thin and edible, flesh that’s tender and requires little or no cooking, and seeds that are tender, soft and edible. By comparison, winter squash has skin that’s thick, hard and inedible, flesh that’s dense, firm and requires considerable cooking time, and seeds that are large and covered by a tough woody skin that must be peeled off before eating.

Below you’ll find the name and approximate ripening date for each variety, but please keep in mind that ripening dates are rough approximations and can vary from year to year.

Please call us at 541-995-6341 for the latest update.

June 30 - Squash, Crookneck
June 30 - Squash, Yellow Summer
June 30 - Zucchini
July 13 - Cucumber
July 15 - Cucumber, Lemon
July 15 - Squash, Pattypan/Sunburst
August 25 - Squash, Acorn
August 25 - Squash, Delicata
August 25 - Watermelon
September 1 - Squash, Butternut
September 1 - Pumpkin
September 15 - Cantaloupe
September 15 - Squash, Hubbard
September 15 - Squash, Sweet Meat
September 15 - Squash, Turban

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