Newtown Pippin Apple

Availability: October 30
Flavor: sweet, slightly tart, faintly pineapple-like, aromatic
Flesh: distinctly tinged with yellow, juicy, firm, extra crispy, tender, moderately fine-grained
Storage: very good
Misc: also called Pippin Apple, darken quickly when cut or peeled, excellent for cooking, very good for cider
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
The Newtown Pippin apple (also known as Albemarle Pippin) is an American apple that originated in the early 18th century. The Newtown Pippin is typically light green, sometimes with a yellow tinge. It is often russeted around the stem. The flesh is yellow and crisp. The flavor is complex and somewhat tart, and requires storage to develop properly; some sources ascribe to it a piney aroma. Green and yellow varieties are sometimes distinguished but it is not clear that they are in fact distinct cultivars. It is one of the best keeping apples. Originally grown as a dessert apple, it is now used commercially primarily for cider.

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