Granny Smith Apple

Availability: October 25
Flavor: very tart, mildly sweet, sweetness improves slightly with storage
Flesh: greenish to yellowish-white, juicy, crisp, firm, fine-grained
Storage: long keeper with refrigeration
Misc: good snacking and cooking apple
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The Granny Smith green apple is a tip-bearing apple cultivar, which originated in Australia in 1868. It is named after Maria Ann Smith, who propagated the cultivar from a chance seedling. The tree is thought to be a hybrid of Malus sylvestris, the European Wild Apple, with the domestic apple M. domestica as the polleniser. The fruit has hard, light green skin and a crisp, juicy flesh. In some parts of Canada the Granny Smith is referred to as a Green Delicious. Granny Smiths go from being yellow to turning completely green and looking almost like grass. The acidity mellows significantly, and it then takes on a balanced flavor.

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