Gala Apple

Availability: September 15
Flavor: mild, sweet, slightly subacid, aromatic
Flesh: creamy to pale yellow, crisp, juicy, very firm but slightly tender, fine-textured but grainy
Storage: stores well with refrigeration
Misc: a favorite snack apple, not a good cooker but dries well, used in many cider blends
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Gala is a clonally propagated apple with a mild and sweet flavor. Gala apples ranked at number 2 in 2006 on the US Apple Association's list of most popular apples, after Red Delicious and before Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Fuji (in order). Gala apples are small and are usually red with a portion being greenish or yellow-green, vertically striped. Gala apples are fairly resistant to bruising and are sweet, grainy, with a mild flavor and a thinner skin than most apples. Quality indices include firmness, crispness, and sweetness.

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