Our Animals

Detering Orchards has some of the cutest, friendliest animals around, so we'd like to induce you to some of our animal staff members :

Name: Peaches & Blackberry
Job Title: Hungry Goats
Time at Company: Since 2013
Background: Peaches and Blackberry are both BIG fans of Detering Orchards produce and spend most of their days begging for more food. (Actually, considering how good everything tastes here, we can't blame them.) They aren’t picky- they will eat anything we grow, but they especially love the apples and pears. Naturally, they love all the Detering customers that come to visit them… but especially the ones that give them treats!

Name: King
Job Title: Farm Rooster
Time at Company: Since 2014
Background: King lives in the pin right next to Peachy & Blackberry. He loves the morning sunshine and enjoys waking everyone on the farm up at the crack of dawn so they can get up to enjoy it too! He spends most of his days staring at Peachy & Blackberry, jealous of all the treats they get!

Name: Pickles
Job Title: Farm Calf
Time at Company: Since 2016
Background: Pickles is one happy lil' cow and enjoys hanging out with his mom in the cow pasture most of the day. He can be a little shy, but he warms up quickly! He loves fresh Detering apples and will happily greet you if you have one in hand.

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